Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Power of Organized Anger

Up until today, I never believed in the power of protests. I always thought that they were excuses to get around doing the actual work of using the system that was already in place. Couldn't time yelling and screaming be better spent writing a letter to the state representatives, or drafting a proposal or, heck, actually reading into the details of what you're protesting? These arguments have always worked well for me (especially when it comes to the Legalize Marijuana ralliers that stumble out onto Library Mall once every summer. Those guys never seem to know the details of anything, let alone what rally they're even at. You gotta hand it to them for making some pretty stellar hemp bags, though.). 

But after all that's happened in Wisconsin, and after seeing the rallies at the capitol today, I truly can't continue saying that protests aren't worth it. Our government works when everyone has a chance to voice their concerns and be genuinely listened to and taken seriously. The thousands of protesters outside today are there because our own governor is refusing to listen. Two days ago our state assembly passed a bill without making a motion just to ram the bill through. A third of representatives didn't even have time to press their "vote" buttons. Our democratic representatives are AWOL because our governor has even deemed them unimportant.

I don't know if I will ever be comfortable with protesting, but I have the greatest respect for those who do protest. Whether it be large or small, it takes great amount of courage and faith to put yourself out there like that (Especially when you've smoked so much pot that you can't even remember how you got there but all you know is that you really want a Snickers right about now.).

I'm curious to hear from other people. Have you ever joined/led a protest? Will you say what it was for? And did it work?*

Posters outside the capitol. Posters with sticks were banned the second day for safety reasons.

Our governor, Scott Walker, will be on "Meet the Press" tomorrow morning.

The view from the 4th floor of the the Wisconsin Museum of History.


Anonymous said...

I think protesting and rallying (in a non-violent way) is a great way to let "The Man" know that He is working for US.


Anonymous said...

Y'know, under many circumstances, it's admirable for a politician to actually stick to his plan when it comes under fire. But here it's more like he took being elected as a blank check rather than a civic duty. And now that citizens are protesting, he's gazing skyward in feigned innocence and saying, "But you elected me after all, therefore you have to do what I say." It's like that saying about making beds and sleeping in them. (Honestly, every time I read new quotes from the majority party, that's what I translate them as saying: "you voters made your bed...")

AlphaBetsy said...

I joined a protest a couple of years ago here in Ohio against the Defense of Marriage Act. In the end the bill passed in spite of our best efforts, but I still feel like we tried our hardest to prevent and educate.

Willow said...

HI Blue Faerie;

My husband and I have been watching the Wisconsin coverage on the news constantly. I'm not sure if it is being reported in the rest of the country, but NYS/NYC is having it's own battle against the teachers: seniority rights for being laid off.

However, I guess I'm in the minority with the debate here in NY. I constantly am. I don't usually agree with the teacher's union and in the case, I really don't agree. NYS wants to get rid of seniority rights (first hired, first fired). I kind of agree with them. I work with so many teachers who are older and burnt out and DO NOTHING. But since they have 30+ years on me in the hiring system, I'd be fired before them despite me having better results with my students on state and district assessments. I think that's wrong. While seniority should play into some decisions when lay offs come, merit should weigh more.

However, I'm on your side with the nonsense going on with Wisconsin Governor, Captain Fucktwatassbag. Collective Bargaining rights are sacred ground and if those go, all public workers in the US are in trouble. My blessings are with all of you. <3