Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chocolate Month! A Sweet Introduction

I think February is the time many of us start to think of this delectable treat because January has been the month of sweaty hard work, gut wrenching self-control, and increased intake of vegetables. At least for me it is. My husband is still wondering when he will see the end of my obsession with vegetarian meal plans. When he heard that chocolate month was coming up on DwaSW, his face lit up with a grin and his hands rose to meet his chin level with Wallace & Gromit zeal.

I think his excitement mostly comes from the idea of chocolate being classified as unhealthy. Let's face it. Cocoa is the forbidden fruit of the bean world. It comes swimming in some of the English language's most caution-bestowing vocabulary: decedent, rich, creamy. AKA? CALORIES! BATHED IN CALORIES! CALORIES EQUAL WEIGHT! WEIGHT EQUALS PAIN AND EXERCISE! RESIST! USE THE FORCE! DEFEND YOURSELF WITH A CARE BEAR STARE! ANYTHING! (My god. Can you imagine what the Care Bear stare would do to Hershey's? ...Smores?). 

Yes, chocolate is one of those things that really does need to be taken in moderation, but that's just like any other food. Heck, the abuse of carrots will turn you orange. If used wisely, it can be an extremely wonderful and beautiful part of your cooking, and of your magick. We just have to know a few things about chocolate on the physical and magickal planes to get us going:

 - Chocolate contains slight levels of the chemical compounds tryptophan and phenylethylalanine, which cause the brain to produce serotonin, giving the eater the feeling of ecstasy and relaxation.

 - Cocoa bean cultivation and use originated from the ancient Maya of Central & South America as early as 1100B.C. The Maya believed that the bean was a source of power, and a potent aphrodisiac. They often used them in offering ceremonies.

 - Dark chocolates contain the highest amount of flavonoids of any other type of chocolate. Foods containing flavonoids help open your arteries and prevent heart attacks.

 - Chocolate goes along with the element of fire (not surprising at such a low melting point). Need a power up? A way to warm your body? ...An orgasm? Chocolate is your answer.

I'm learning all manner of things today & I could really go on forever. But I have a whole month ahead of me! Tomorrow is a bit of a break already because it will be an Imbolc bellydance lesson. But more gooey goodness to come!
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cinderelly said...

oh yum, chocolate! my favorite is deep dark chocolate...only takes a little for the satisfaction that chocolate gives!

Heathen said...

One can never be expected to deny the call of chocolate...especially the dark variety (yummmm). I'm with you, everything in moderation. If you follow that one little rule, you never ever have to deny yourself anything!