Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fancy Swag for the Crafty Witch

Trips with yarn are always good trips. Even if you have to dash home before you head out so you can feed the hamsters which you forgot to ask your husband to do because you forgot to do. Even if you realize that the rumbling sound is coming from your car and the guy at the dealership tells you that your muffler has rusted right through. Even if you spend one of the nights driving around for half an hour looking for a place to eat dinner. Even if all of these things happen AND the locals put you through the dunk test and burn you at the stake for knowing how to swim... but you got yarn, it's a good trip.

Once again, Door County provided us with an absolutely fantastic weekend of relaxation. And really, the muffler thing turned out okay because it became a conversation starter.
"Okay, we are totally the most manly Toyota Corolla in town right now."
"...Hey, when we're going uphill, it kinda sounds like our car is constantly farting."
"We are here, Sturgeon Bay! Cower in fear at the nasty rumblings of my awesome Toyota from Hell, bitches!"

We stayed at the Chanticlear Bed & Breakfast for the second year in a row in the same cabin. No noise (except the occasional rumblings of our car). No kids. A private jacuzzi. A king sized bed. And a fireplace. Not to mention Saturday morning cartoons. Hooray for pajamas until noon and a morning marathon of the Fairly Odd Parents. We traipsed up and down the peninsula where we found the only kite store open in winter that had a good selection of sport kites which will no doubt pull me through a field one day as I wrestle with the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East ("Powers of air!Spirits of the East! Stop showing off!"). Plus, we found Spin - a yarn store without a website, but with all the more reason to visit and splurge.
I grabbed these two books the first day with grandiose plans of finally crocheting a potholder and adding a border, or crocheting an entire bouquet of flowers because I could. Well, turns out the books are not for amateurs in the world of crochet. I've found that my head may have to wrap itself around actually reading the directions before I start. Ugh. I've never been one for rule reading. But if you're not afraid of a challenge, I would say go for it. Both of these books have beautiful designs that make me want to crochet a potholder or a flower bouquet! And... wait...

This week will be severely busy, as bellydance practices are going back-to-back. However, I will have a recipe coming up tomorrow, and another giveaway coming up on Thursday. What is it? As I said to a 7th grader today when he asked me "What's for snack?": "What's for snack!? Who is it coming from? Where is it? How many can fit inside my mouth at a time? Can my fist fit inside my mouth? Who are you? What day is it? Who am I!? I'm confused!!!!" "...." "....It's food." :) 
Oh, and the yarn from top to bottom: 
1). Recycled Silk Sari Yarn, 
2). Silk Sari Ribbon 
3). Kettle Dyed Pure Merino Wool


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

The colors on the covers of the books alone make me want to buy them!! WHat fun!! Great yarn finds, too :) LOL about your car, I have taken a cross country trip in an older car we had that had no muffler too, we were the talk of I80 LOL :) Good memories!

J.Moehring said...

OOooooo! The yarn is so lustful! lol That's my way of saying I'm jealous. ;) Your trip sounds so relaxing and amazing. I'm glad you had a great time. And don't worry about the car, the belt on my Nissan squeals like a piggy. It's nice to turn heads on occassion even if it's for the car and not cuz I'm looking awesome hahaha. I can't wait to see what you make with your yarn or what projects the books bring to you!

RetroKali said...

The trip sounds just lovely...:)Especially the no kids, no noise quiet part.

Lilith Noor said...

Ooh, that trip sounds amazing. And the yarn is beeyootiful. I don't normally like sari ribbon, but that looks amazing.

'as I wrestle with the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East ("Powers of air!Spirits of the East! Stop showing off!"). '

Sporfle! Reminds me of an outdoor ritual where a particularly pompous druid commanded the elements to hail and welcome. I spent the rest of the ritual sheltering under a bush!