Monday, July 9, 2012


I tell ya. You leave blogging for a few months and they go and change the format on you. So excuse me if the newer posts look a bit messy while I'm learning the ropes.

I used to wonder why there were so many abandoned blogs out there, and the reason is this: life. I don't know how people write those kinds of blogs where they focus on one thing and post several times a week. Seriously, you wouldn't think that one person could have that many things to say about make-up, or crock pot cooking, or... I don't know... pygmy goats.

So aside from deciding that I just can't narrow down the life that affects my blogging, here's what's happened since March 12th:
Testing the waters and the suite in Lake Superior

 - My nieces are on the brink of turning two and five. The older one is convinced that she wants her ears pierced and her mother is letting her go through with it. I've been invited to see the piercing, but I'm not sure I can manage it. I know there will be screaming and crying, and have a running bet going with my husband that my niece will either come away with no, or only one, ear piercing.

 - I tried a pole dancing class and discovered that I hate pole dancing. I had one hour-long lesson and it took me about a week to recover from the bruises and metal burns all over my arms and legs, and the pain in my back muscles. I now have a bit more respect for pole dancers than I did before (those ladies are true athletes), but I have less need to go see a show now.

 - We bid on two houses in the last few months and have been outbid both times. This is, without a doubt, the most frustrating part of home-searching.

 - On a happier note, my bike is fixed up! I got new tires and no longer have to worry about tire rot making them explode. To celebrate I biked to work the last few weeks of April (about a 2hr ride round trip). I also just got new wheels, so the bike doesn't cry rust at every turn. The next bit will be replacing the brake system and getting someone else to wrap the handlebars (I apparently  don't have the patience to do them better than a ten year old, so they look a little ratty.).

 - My husband is now an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and is booked up for two weddings. He got the certificate in the mail back in April and it proudly sits amongst his desk clutter with the rule of, "Watch out for my minister certificate! It's holy!" If the state of Wisconsin actually cared about who married whom then I might worry a bit more about the state of the certificate. As it stands, however, I'm pretty sure one of those pygmy goats could do it and it'd be legal.

 - I finished reading No Impact Man by Colin Beavan and have since started reevaluating exactly how much waste I produce. I had a bad sinus infection the week I finished it, and, feeling quite guilty about the amount of cough drop wrappers and used Kleenex adorning my garbage can, I sewed up some handkerchiefs out of fabric scraps. I've also been checking around town to see where I can get things in bulk. Seeing as this is a new obsession with me, I'll update everyone on these new discoveries as I go. Things to come: glass straws, the most awesome washing machine ever, adventures with straight razors, and toilet toys.

Now I suppose the only thing left is to see how many days go by before my next post... well, interesting post. Should this attempt to jump back on the horse last only a month or so, giggling and rolling of eyes is absolutely in order.


Lilith Noor said...

Welcome back!!

Leeanna Henderson said...

So glad to have you back hon. Don't worry about the new look on blogger. It's a bit overwhelming at first but then it gets to be fun.

Soraya said...

Heyyyyy You're back! :-D!!!

I've not been blogging too much but I've been lurking like crazy. Glad to see you back <3

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