Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eating Glass

Okay, not quite eating it, but using it to eat. My glass straws came today! Now I get to drink my breakfast smoothies in style. I got all excited at first because I thought of yet another thing that will save me money over buying plastic straws. Alas, doing the math I realize that four $40 glass straws vs. one hundred $1.99 straws will mean a grace period of around eight years... Oh, who cares? They're cool!

The company that makes them, Glass Dharma, has a lifetime guarantee on them. The straws are durable but glass implies breakage if you don't treat them nicely. Should it ever come to that, though, I can send the straw back to GD and they'll repair or replace it whenever I need to. This, of course, would cost me more money to send the straws back... Stop judging me! They're cool, okay!?

The next project? Hm, cleaning again, apparently. Does anyone else feel like they do this all the time? And you know what? I don't even have kids yet! I can't even keep my kitchen table clear for a full 24hrs! If I ever do decide to have kids I'm going to end up losing them somewhere in the swamp of laundry, toys, yarn and belly dance costuming. One day I'll be digging through my kitchen cabinets and find a thirty year old man living off our old spices. "Honey!" "What!?" "Do you remember when we got a kid!?" "Whoa, that was a while back! ...Check the expiration date!"

*Apologies for the overuse of exclamatory sentences. I'm celebrating Punctuation Day a few months early this year.

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Ducky said...

I can't keep the kitchen table clear either. The only time we eat at it is if company comes for dinner. The rest of the time we are eating at Lil Duck's princess table in the living room. I'm all about fun and not stuffy! :D ....or I'm just lazy and her table is easier to clear of clutter.

The glass straws ARE cool!