Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Huge implying vegetables

I feel like now would be a time to make a great joke involving the contents of someones pants, a grocery store aisle, or possibly the size of things to be found in Texas. In this case, though, I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves.

In a valiant attempt to save the entire planet alone, I biked up to one of the smaller Madison farmer's markets this morning. And yes, Dad, I got a cheap thrill from not wasting gas, and listening to NPR on the way there on my iPod, and bringing my own bag. And yes, Mom, I'm aware I've been living in Madison too long and that I'm becoming a whacked out hippie. Formalities aside, I did enjoy my cheap thrills. What can I say? I enjoy wandering around and gawking at the size of the turnips. I have no idea what to do with turnips, but I'm sure that for a root that's only $1 and is the size of my head I could figure out something. I passed up the eggs for today. Yeah, it's local. But my budget doesn't let me swing $3.75/dozen quite yet. I'm working my way up (And maybe one day having a house where I can raise my own egg-producers. If that one doesn't convince my parents I've leaped over the edge of sanity, I don't know what will). I did end up coming away with a cucumber and a zucchini for 50 cents each that have convinced me that I can never go back to grocery store versions again. From now on I'll just stare at the produce aisle, sigh, and think that they're just not as filling as that local veg. :) That's right. I did that. I went for the cheap innuendo.

I might continue dipping my foot in the stupid humour from time to time, but I will never again try to compare the size of vegetables using our laptop as visual scale. Now that I'm looking at it, having those particular veggies in that spot looks somehow not right to me... 

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Ducky said...

At least there were no porn photos on the screens of the laptops???? Eh...just trying to help out.

Growing your own food is so awesome! We have a big garden this year and the cucumbers and zucchini were soooo yummy! I was surprised at the difference in taste between store bought and our own backyard. Totally worth the work and the wait.