Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make Way for Canoes!

Today was our weekly capital farmer's market trip, and the annual Paddle and Portage competition. Over 300 paddlers had 1hour & 45minutes today to navigate loops on our two lakes and a quick portage across the isthmus from one to the other. Most of the sea-faring folk came carrying canoes in the traditional manner, but others came up with some more unique ways to transport their transportation.

The competition is really more for the fun of seeing you can do it. Plus, anyone can do it! The race organizers team up with local canoe/kayak rental places to provide participants with sea worth crafts to take part. Participants don't have to worry about providing their own life vest either. My husband and I are thinking we might have to bone up on our kayaking skills and rent a two-person kayak for next year. Although portaging might be interesting as there's a good foot of height difference between the two of us (I offered to have him carry it while I ride on top and provide motivation. He seemed to think this was a bad idea. :P ).

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Ducky said...

I love the idea of you riding on top! Tell him its at least two against one :p