Saturday, August 14, 2010

So, About That Trip...

My husband and I were just leaving Baraboo when we got the call from my dad. My grandma was back in the hospital getting CAT/MRI scans to find the cause of her slurred speech. Of all the things in the world it could have been, her body drew the brain cancer card - the one where you do a Wikipedia search for symptoms and it takes all day to load the page. She's a strong woman, though. And proud at that. She didn't want more people seeing her sick than was necessary, so my husband and I headed back home. We'll be driving back in two weeks anyway for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, so I'll get to see her then (Hopefully, by then back to home and out of bed.).
Of course, we couldn't just drive straight home. We'd gone all that way, and I needed some cheering up, so we stopped by the Just Imagine toy store in downtown Baraboo. I think we might have been the only two adults without kids shopping for ourselves. I added to my growing wind-up toy collection that my 3 year-old niece absolutely loves to play with (Stories to come another time.). Plus, I found hamster stickers! Always a good excuse to write letters the old fashioned way.Before leaving town we got some air at the Baraboo Zoo/Park where we fed the goats, stared at the bobcat until we though he was tired of us, and faked gymnastic prowess on the playground equipment. The whole side trip had me feeling better, and gave me some new photos to send my grandma's way.This is what happens when you take a photo of someone making silly faces at the top of a swing.
Like I said, faux gymnastics skills.

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Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Man i am sorry about your MOM :(
Look like you had fun there! Cute pictures :)
Thank you for your visit...Leeks are fun and good and healthy :0
Big hugs