Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Great Blogger Chain Letter Award!

Yay! I got my first award! I feel loved!

#1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.
A big thanks to Leeanna over at Can We Have A New Witch? Ours Melted. Leeanna, I started reading your posts a few months ago, and you never cease to give me a good laugh. :)

#2. Share 7 things about yourself.
1. I love coffee flavored ice cream, coffee scented candles and the smell of fresh-brewed coffee. But I hate the taste of coffee.
2. I went to preschool in Texas and had the unfortunate experience of sitting on a fire ant pile during recess. The teachers had to drop my drawers in front of everyone and wipe the bugs from hell off my butt.
3. Hablo español y también un poquito de francés. Pero en francés sólo recuerdo el frase: Je nais pas etudie l'histoire de blaireau! (I can't study the history of the badger anymore!)
4. Famous people I've met include Wisconsin governor, Jim Doyle, the late author, Kurt Vonnegut, & actress Natalie Portman.
5. I would absolutely love to own a capybara as a pet.
6. I was the first 14 year-old to ever be admitted to the National Archives in D.C.
7. I've moved to 5 different states, lived in 10 different houses, and attended 9 different schools.

#3. Pass the Versatile Blogger Award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!
1. Soraya of Spellbound by Moonlight
2. Chris of A Badger and a One Eyed Toad
3. Danielle of Chronicles of a Dairyland Vegan
4. Tawny of The Daily Icing
5. Amberleigh of Dividing by Zero (For info on Egyptian mythology, this is the girl to talk to!)
6. BleuMoon of Witch Way
7. Willow of The Green Witch
8. Teckla of The Long and Winding Road
9. Frenchy of Les Chateau des Fleurs
10. Ben, Joel, Abraham, Nathanael, Mike & Nolan of The Blog of Super Awesomness

#4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the Versatile Blogger Award.
Contacting people is for wimps! I'm going to sit back on my lazy butt and see if they figure it out. ...Wait, no, the opposite thing. You know. Contacting them.


RetroKali said...

and the ant thing was terrible/hilarous. :)

Willow said...

Congrats and thank you for the award. I am an award free blog, not because I don't like the recognition but because there were so many coming at once for a while that I couldn't keep up. Thank you again!

you can call me Tawny.... said...

thank you sooooo much!!!!

Soraya said...

I'm a bit delayed... but...Squee! Thank you :-D ^.^

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Hi sweety,
Just saw your comment and award! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I have been so crazy busy...I will see what i can do with passing the award :)
Big hugs!
Loved your posts here, so much fun!