Monday, August 16, 2010

And Here We Have the Elusive Bellydancer!

One of my favorite pastimes has been to takeover the local YMCA's dance studio for an afternoon. I love to hunker down for an hour or two with my iPod and my bellydance swag bag. The studio is wonderful. It has a perfect sound system, an ample amount of mirrors, lighting and fans, and excellent wood floors. There's only one slight downside. While one side of the studio is a set of second-story windows, the other side is also windows - facing the hallway and the windowed kid's center. The result is that I inevitably hear little banging sounds coming from the hall window while I'm dancing. The first day it happened I looked over to see four little kids with their hands and foreheads pressed up against the glass. I'd become a bellydancer in a fishbowl. I've gotten used to it though. Anyway, it's even more entertaining when the sword comes out. Once I heard a little boy yell, "Woah! Dad, can I get one of those?" Somehow I don't think he'll be getting that from Santa this year.

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Soraya said...

I wasn't expecting to hear Beats Antique when I opened this :-p
That's entertaining about the little kids watching you. My studio doesn't have any viewable points, which I'm kind of glad... There's some weird people who walk down the strip that we're in. Lol
I can only imagine that fathers reaction though. lol!!