Thursday, March 24, 2011

Situations that aren't from Jersey

It's true. I've had absolutely nothing to write about these last few days. Week... So like that acquaintance that awkwardly comes and apologizes for something five years later wondering if it's too late, I'm just going to jump right back into this.

The Bathtub Situation
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Demonic Bath Water has finally been solved - and it didn't even need to involve chloroform this time! The other maintenance guy came out last Friday to try his hand at it. He said that the nasty black gunk looked just like what happens when water gets turned off and then on again (the water in the holding tank sits a while and has a chance to collect junk). In brave defiance of the water shed, he let the water run for twenty minutes, giving everything a chance to flush out. The tub works again, but just knowing that stuff is somewhere in the water makes me a bit more averse to baths now.

The Hafla Situation
It turns out that this hafla was based on people coming and volunteering to perform on the spot. It also turns out that not many people want to do that - especially when they aren't aware that that's what's happening. There were only five dances. Way less than the usually twelve or more. But we did get to see this beautiful improv piece by... Ahhh! I forgot her name! I need to learn Arabic so I can remember all these dancers. But it was beautiful, and a great example of how to utilize the veil even if it does get stuck on the side of your head.

The Jambalaya Situation
Unless you have the president and his family and his family's family coming over for dinner, do not make the entirety of this recipe. It is an extremely tasty gumbo, but we were eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it made so, frickin' much! We had no room in our freezer so we ended up having to chuck the rest of it - which amounted to about four pounds of the stuff. Sad. But amazing while it lasted.

The Camera Situation
Lost the camera Friday. Thought it was in my desk. It was. Found it Monday.

The Calling Bars for Kids Situation
In the next couple of weeks I'm having an acquaintance who flamenco dances come teach for my Latino student club at school. I got this brilliant idea about ten minutes ago for the kids to make their own castanets the week before. Then they'd get hooked and be ready to go in two weeks. The craft involves hot gluing bottle caps to cardboard, so I've been calling bars for the last couple of minutes with the line, "I'm calling from a local school and am wondering if I can get a donation involving beer bottles." There have been quite the awkward pauses on the other end of the phone. In the end, I finally got a hold of the Sprecher's brewery and Katey, the bar manager, was happy to help me out. This further confirms my recent suspicions that anyone named "Katey" is committed to corrupting children, and is extremely awesome at the same time.

The Ostara Situation
Husband: Happy Ostara, Honey.
TBF: It's not Ostara until tomorrow. It's on the 21st not the 20th.
Husband: ...No, it's the 20th this year.
TBF: No way... I'm looking this up.... <does a quick Google search> Damn it!
Husband <with an I-totally-beat-the-witch grin on his face>: ...So are we celebrating Ostara another day?
TBF looking sheepish: Thursday?
Husband: Thursday
... Happy Ostara Everyone!


Vashti said...

Hi. I'd like to ask how you found out about our hafla. Because on the website ( it says "show up with your CD to perform", and the same thing went to our mailing list and our Facebook page. So, if you didn't know about that part, we forgot to tell SOMEBODY, and if you tell me who, we'll fix that for next time.

The Blue Faerie said...

Hi Vashti,

I feel like I was kind of out of the loop on the whole thing to begin with (don't pay attention to Facebook), so count me as an anomoly. I had heard through the dance grapevine that it would be a put your name in a hat and people get picked to perform kind of thing. Then I heard that it was first come first serve to perform. All of this really could have been fixed by me just going to the website.

Long story short, don't quote me on the people not wanting to perform because they didn't know thing. And know that I'll be correcting myself in my next post.