Monday, March 7, 2011

Chad Vader Takes on Madison, Wisconsin

Normally I'm not one to burp up Youtube videos, but I'll make an exception to this. I figure that it's like cutting down trees: if I take info. from the Internet I must provide new info. to take it's place. And so, I put up for your consideration this analysis of Nanny Mcphee 2 between my mother and I:

Mom: We watched that movie Nanny Mcphee 2 last night. I fell asleep through most of it, but it was pretty good.
TBF: So how did they change the story line? I mean, in the last one she got prettier every time the kids learned a lesson and finally became beautiful in the end. So does she have a trainee or something in this one?
Mom: No, it's pretty much the same story but with a different family.
TBF: So, she just spends her whole life getting ugly and pretty? That's a pretty bad yo-yo diet.
Mom: Well, but it's better than a yo-yo diet because she gets to have that feeling of accomplishment over and over when she gets good looking again.
TBF: But that's terrible! She's butt ugly for weeks on end and then stays beautiful for, what? A week? That's not a blessing, that's her period! ...But opposite!

So there you have it Internet. Chew on that for a bit. Nanny Mcphee has the worst period ever. And now, Chad Vader.


Daffy said...

Oh wow...what a concept.... I think I'll be happy with cramps and wanting to dig out my ovaries with a wooden spoon and swearing my uterus is going to fall out my ass a couple of days a week.

Hmph....guess I'm vain

joan said...

hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog i'm afraid i'm not clever enough to host a crochet-along