Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mother Nature Toys With Wisconsin

This week Madison is getting its first taste of spring. Me, being the impatient child that I am, starts thinking, "Ooh! It's fifty degrees out! That means it will stay fifty degrees right? That means summer is almost here, right?" My coworker is convinced that I'm going to get some strange type of temperature related fever because I'm already down to sleeveless tops (...even though all of us who attended public schools know that schools stay cold until the first warm week of spring. Then they get sweltering hot until the first day of winter. Good old ancient ventilation systems.).

I've been going through my photos pining for the days of no school, bright colors, thunder storms, outdoor movies, concerts and plays, and a million excuses to have ice cream downtown. Madison has been so ugly lately. Don't get me wrong, I love snow. But snow that melts is a whole new ball game. For those who don't live where there's snow, I'll fill you in on what happens when it finally goes the way of the Wicked Witch of the West:

1. It absorbs any manner of liquid and turns a mucky brown. A pain to walk in, and the cause of constant pulls on the windshield spray lever in the car. You can't drive for ten seconds without getting a fresh layer of gunk on the shield.

2. When snow accumulates it's beautiful, but when it finally melts it reveals everything it was previously hiding. A common sight is a half-melted brown pile surrounded by Doritos bags and cigarette buts. Not to mention, once you get out of the city a bit, you get the opportunity to add several more half-rotted deer carcasses to the mix. "Look, Timmy! That's called decomposition!"

3. This is more of an oh-yeah-and-one-more-thing-about-snow-gunk. Snow also absorbs gravel, road salt and grit that flies off the road. Shoes that tromp through this snow pick up all the grit too. High-heeled boots that have almost no traction on the bottoms pick it up, creating an even smoother sole, causing its wearer to have to skate along behind her shopping cart while grocery shopping. (*Note to self: develop secret grocery store that doubles as an ice rink. Equip carts with attached ice skates for shoppers' convenience. ...Work on replacing wheelchairs with sleds. Also penguins could be fun.).

I know the weather isn't going to make the complete changeover yet. So for now, I'll just enjoy reminiscing in my photos and pray that Ostara's weather is warm and lasts.
Nothing like watching the sun go down on Lake Mendota while eating ice cream and laughing at the sailing club get sailor-slosh drunk while they attempt to dock their boats.
During the summer the juggling, tight-roping and fire spinning club comes out. They are the one group of hippies in town that are an absolute blast to hang out with. Do you think they'd let me bring marshmallows one of these times? :P
And people who are just weird and fun. This guy works at the apple stand at the farmer's market on the capitol square every Saturday. Why is he wearing a shirt with Lincoln fighting several bears? That was my question before I took his photo. "Because he's frickin' LINCOLN!" Good enough for me. :)


Mrs BC said...

Hey I think you are onto something with that supermarket idea. maybe a range of strollers (pushchairs? prams? Not sure what they are called in the states)that have sled bottoms instead of wheels as well.
I love this post, you have really captured the differences in the seasons. I am yearning for winter, when you can get out of the shower without sweating. Wear long sleeve tshirts & boots. Drink coffee without having a hot flush.
How goes the bath tub situation? Did you call the scooby gang? If you see Spike can you tell him I said Hi?

Mama's Thyme said...

I so hear you on the snow melt phenomena ... spring is just so ... MESSY! I much prefer fall.