Friday, September 3, 2010

Shimmying Our Pants Off

I was kicking around the blogosphere today and caught Belly Whisperer's post on going into the dance instructor business in January. I have to give a heart felt congratulations on that one. I started teaching two summers ago, and the months leading up to the first class were filled with quite a bit of anxious shimmying up and down the halls of my apartment.

But teaching adults isn't the only form of instruction out there. And while grown men and women have the ability to express the sensual part of the dance where kids can't, you still gotta love 'em on the grounds that little kids trying to bellydance is just frickin' cute. :) I offer up for your consideration this 2009 footage of my niece with her first hip scarf.

We're behind you, RetroKali!


Foodycat said...

That is adorable. I am inclined to agree with you - don't put tots in revealing bedlah, give a bit of thought to what choreography you teach them, but there is nothing wrong with younger people learning to bellydance! And saying that there is just reinforces the notion that we are pretty much strippers.

But anyway... Thanks for commenting on my blog. To get the onions to do that you peel them and cut down in a criss-cross pattern, being careful not to cut all the way through. Brush with a little oil, season with salt, pepper and thyme and either bake in the oven or cook in a covered barbecue.

Leeanna said...

Such a little cutie! I love watching little ones dance.

J.Moehring said...

ooooo, she's adorable! And I agree. There is nothing wrong with teaching bellydance to youngers. Dance is an art and should be enjoyed by all ages!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a sweetie and the fun she was having making the coins make noise. Sometimes grown-up think grown-up thoughts and just forget the innocence of having fun making the coins make noise. -WG

Annie said...

I love the music on your site. Scared me to bejebus though -Start wearing purple.
Have you ever tried dancing to Juanes? [spelling]

Also, I think little kids can dance whatever they want. They learn exercise and independance and self awareness.
Just because adults see it as "dirty" and "inappropriate"

Joxy said...

Aww fabulous! Gawd I'd love to do bellydancing, as a single mama though I need a class that includes kiddies.. and sadly I can't find one where I live :-(

Hmm I see a visit to Amazon and parting with pennies in my future ;-) (Did I mention I was uber witch too, lol)

Thanks for popping by my blog :-)
Love the receipe for tortilla soup too.. ;-)