Friday, September 10, 2010

The Great Pancake Rebellion

 Upon signing up for the Practical Magic Blog Party, I had the great intention of attempting saguaro cacti pancakes. Alas, the shapes I was hoping for were not to be, and my last attempts seemed to be in vain when my pancake promptly gave me the finger. 
 In response, I ate him. Despite his malformedness, he was extremely tasty. :)


Anonymous said...

I bet they were yummy no matter what!

I posted a present for you over at my blog under, "Happy". You can go there directly by pasting:

I hope you enjoy.


J.Moehring said...

hahaha, oooh, that's terrible! I'm glad you took care of him properly and brought him to justice. If you ever discover the secret to making those pancakes please do share! ♥ the star though!

Melz said...

At least he only gave you the finger, my pancake mishap ended in him being anatomically correct >.< I fed him to my mum!

Gotta love food with a mind of it's own!