Thursday, March 1, 2012

My body, my castle and a bunny

The odd thing about this blog is that as I started to have less and less time for it, I found I had an increasing amount of time dedicated to my food journal, the gym, bellydancing, work, friends, family, bellydancing again, cooking, and more bellydance. And now that dance is taking over I find myself shifting back toward the virtual community.

If only I could describe my entire life with compared line graphs. I've actually been keeping track of my weight on a daily basis since December 28th (There, now you know what the last two months have all been about. I wasn't kidding when I said I was duking it out with my scale. Incidently, I won and it's been voodoo cursed by way of the dumpster.). While daily weigh-ins seem to be on the list of no-no's for most dieting tips & tricks, I actually find it very helpful when combined with Excel spreadsheets. It means I'm one of very few people I know who can gain a pound and still be happy because my 7-day average weight has decreased.

My January was a fairly productive month. Not too crazy, but not boring. The January line is a nice, healthy, slow decline in weight. February, on the other hand, came with several ten hour work days, incredible amounts of stress, lack of sleep, and bellydance that caused all of it. Needless to say, February looks a little bit like I had multiple seizures and before flat-lining and then remembering I had bellydance practice to get to and jumping back to life again.

Lines aside, though, I'm doing pretty good after all of it and am starting a new graph for March. Meanwhile, I'm still house hunting and trying to keep my apartment in some sort of livable condition until I can mess up a new habitat. The cleaning comes in preparation for a possible fuzzy new member to the family later in April. I've had the idea of a bunny in my head for the last year now. And it really did hop back in there recently when I went to the pet store with my friend only to have her yell, "IT'S SO ADORABLE! LOVE IT! HERE! TAKE IT! LOVE IT OR DIE!" Well, in so many words. I turned to see a fuzz bomb shoved about an inch from my face. I swear, dwarf bunnies should come with a warning label on their butts, "CAUTION: Do not make eye contact. Bunny is extremely fluffy and can cause inadverent widening of pupils, reverse aging to kindergarten, and sudden onset baby talk in otherwise competent adults."

My friends ended up buying her second bunny that day, so I managed to mooch of its cuteness until the urge to suprise my husband with a $40 animal, $100 cage, and $60 worth of food and bedding passed. 

Zeke the hamster is still going strong at almost 2 years old now. Pretty impressive for a dwarf hamster. He's sleeping alot more, but has developed a taste for smoothies. I give it to him right before I put him in the running ball... It's like giving 5 Hour Energy and a hammer to a four year-old.

Here's hoping everyone else has as much energy without the crash. And to those of you exercising your body into submission: keep it up, and seriously, keep a chart. If you're anal retentive it's the most fun you'll ever have since telling the other kindergarteners in your class that they couldn't use your coloring book because they'd color wrong.

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Lilith Noor said...

Nice to see you back!

I can;t imagine anything more demoralising than a daily weigh-in, but I guess it's proof of the fact that there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss.

I am resisting googling bunnies now, btw. Must, resist...