Friday, July 1, 2011

Feeling Special

First off, I got an award! Thanks Leeanna! I believe it's customary to pass on the award to other bloggers. Hmmmm.... I gotta go with Soraya over at Spellbound by Moonlight. One, because I love reading about her adventures in geekery, and two, because she continually amazes me with the amount of photos of different people doing the rocker hand. If those two things aren't sweet I don't know what is.

Second off, I'm heading downtown for a volunteer interview at the Madison Children's Museum today. They need photographers to work their events in the evenings - getting photos of parents, guest speakers, of course kids, and other goings ons. I've got my first portfolio put together, which amounts to 25 4x6 shots in a really tiny photo album I picked up from Walgreens this morning. It's nowhere near professional, but then again, neither am I. I just have a fancy camera and a love for shooting people and animals. Heck, yesterday I stopped by New Glarus for a Swiss barbecue and shot my niece's faces at least twenty times. Okay, okay. Enough with the dorky shooting jokes. I am excited to work at the Children's Museum, though. My photos are all about fun, humor and bright colors, so it's the perfect locale to practice.

P.S. One of these days I might get permission from my relatives to put up photos of them online. For now though, we'll have to be content with photos of my niece experimenting with funny faces and hogging my camera.

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