Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eaten by Bellydance

Every time I sit down at my computer lately I think about entering a post. I usually get as far as clicking on the Firefox icon before I succumb to checking my email and realizing that my inbox is jam-packed full of dance mail. I calculated this week's total time spent dancing or dealing with dance-related issues and come up with a nice, round eight hours. In fact, I think I've had one day this week when I haven't been dancing. It was the one day I could have spent posting, but I instead spent it spacing out and watching "Death Becomes Her" online. ...This led to further brain cell deterioration, so any post I would have made would have sounded something like this:

Cooking! And stuff! I like stuff. That's a funny, word...stuuufff... Ooh! I should Google that and see what comes up!

I just did. It was some teaching website and Maxim. Interesting combination... But at least there have been some things to break the chaos of choreographing and classes - kids. 

I love teaching little kids. They're at that age where they are curious about almost everything. They want to know all there is to know, do everything there is to do, and haven't a clue about the concept of apathy yet. Plus, the concept of, "Check it out! I'm older than you and I'm holding a shiny thing!" still works on them.

My buddy and I taught a group of kids ranging from pre-k to about 3rd grade this past Monday. One little girl saw all the scarves and toys we were laying out and was drawn to the table like, well, like a little girl to shiny things. If it were up to her, I think she would have gone lumbering out of the school with everything we had tied, Velcro-ed, and strategically balanced onto her tiny little body. Meanwhile, when we finally got the rest of the group and asked if they'd like to learn some bellydance (You know. Not in that actually asking way, but in the way that says I'm-the-guest-speaker-here-kid-and-you-will-learn-bellydance-and-have-fun-damn-it.) three of the older boys declared their intent to not learn bellydance. "We want to learn karate!" This of course, meant that for the rest of the time I reserved the right to call them "the three ninjas" and to balance my sword on their heads.

That was the one day bellydance was eaten up by the kids and wasn't attempting to eat me. Tomorrow I have four straight hours of practice and critiques, so the cycle continues.

In the midst of everything else going on, one of my very good friends is getting married next month, and is suffering every craptastrophy that can occur in the planning of a wedding. As a way to cheer her up, I have added some comments to the RSVP card...


Mama's Thyme said...

That is AWESOME. Love the pic of you with the kids too!

Anonymous said...

I want RSVPs like that.

Mrs BC said...

My modem breaks for a few weeks & now you are duct taping midgets to your back?? Well, then, nothings changed much.

Ellen said...

Great post! Our kids at Nuestro Mundo loved your presentation - especially the three ninjas and that sword. :P Thank you again for coming and sharing your talents with us!