Thursday, December 2, 2010

If All UW-Madison Students Were Pagan

I have the feeling this is what it would be like. All I can say is hooray for Garrison Keillor and the genius that is Prairie Home Companion.


Soraya said...

Heh! Yes I guess you can say that I'll be a Legal drug dealer who gives people downers and gets paid a bunch more than real drug dealers get paid ;-p

Hope your Thanksgiving was good as well :)
I have one more test before I see if I have to take the final, which I more than likely don't so. :)

Heathen said...

Hello Blue Faerie! Thank you for stopping by my craft blog, I'm so happy you liked my art. Isn't the feathery stuff cool? I do have a VERY small Etsy site (just kind of doing a test run). However, the current tags are my first attempt so I don't have any yet for other occasions.

If you want to drop by my main blog ( there's a link to my Etsy as well as some other crafts I've done. Just click on the Art label from the list at the bottom of the page. I'm really new at all of this so I don't have a ton of items yet.

Faerie Sage said...

Hello Blue Faerie! You dropped out of site for a time, recharging I hope. Since my sister reads my blog and my parents read snippets when they can get access to the internet I am not posting what I'm making until after the holidays, but I am going to be posting wonderful homemade Ideas if I can and different homemade things that are fun to do for the holidays.
This year I have been learning book binding, so that will factor in, I will update you more later!