Monday, August 15, 2011

New Wallpaper & Weird Houses

It is absolutely amazing how long you can spend searching for a just the right blog background. Long enough to watch all of the movie, "Stardust" and still have time for surfing. I suppose one day I'll pony up the money and get a custom template. Though for now I think this will do.

I finally took the music off the sidebar too after realizing that if it bugs me to suddenly have music pop up (especially when I haven't been careful and my speakers are turned up to 11), then it probably bugs other people as well. Besides, if anyone misses the tunes, they can always look up one of the recipes with the bellydance song of the day.

 Today I'm finally getting a well-deserved rest after a good two weeks of out-and-aboutness. This weekend my husband was out of town for a roller derby ref training in Minnesota - leaving me without the car. Being two wheels and a few horsepower short, I've been walking and biking everywhere this weekend. Including, but not limited to, a two hour hike to an open house and back.

If I weren't actually looking for houses, I'd probably still go see the open ones. It's almost like getting to take a tour of your own neighborhood.  Plus, you get to see all the weird things people do with there abodes. Yesterday's wasn't too strange - although one woman had ripped up random squares of carpeting in one of the bedrooms. When I asked the realtor what happened, he said the dog chewed up the carpet in those spots. The woman figured she'd just cut off the spots and then replace the whole carpet later. Of course the first thing I thought was, "What the heck kind of dog does she have!?" I imagine it's some kind of mix between a doberman and an evil chihuahua who got so unbearably lonely that it started having its way with the floor.

Other houses I've seen have had cupboards in the kitchen so high that you would have to use a full ladder to reach them. That was the same house that had a mini bath-tub right next to the kitchen, and looked like it would be a great place to shoot a movie about a serial killer. My husband decided that it wasn't the house for us, but rather for a small group of diabolical acrobatic circus midgets. We also saw one that very same day that had a functioning toilet in a closet. Not like a broom closet or a closet-sized room. I mean a working toilet in a walk-in-clothes-hanging-up-fully-carpeted closet. And it's not like the toilet was sectioned off either. You could sit there doing your business while looking right across at a collection of hooker heels (Yes, those were also in the closet.). I can see it now: "Honey, could you hurry up in there? I really have to get dressed!" And could you imagine what would happen if you had real intestinal problems causing you to stink up your bathroom-closet? You'd walk around in putrid clothes that had soaked up the odor of a walking port-a-potty! Ew.
I'm heading out to actually be shown this house today. So of course, I'll let you know what I find. :) If I know it's not for me, then I'm really hoping to find porcupines living in the basement. Ooh! Or possibly a dishwasher attached to the ceiling!


rachelsmith133 said...

Ewww a toilet in a closet with all the clothes hanging up is really bizarre. The first thing I thought of too, was if it would make the clothes smell.

The house your going to see at looks really nice from the outside, hope the inside is too.

Anonymous said...

I love that house! It's adorable. Good luck!