Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Zombie-esque Hungering for Journals

Hello, everyone. My name is Blue Faerie... and  I am a journal junkie. I don't mean journaling. I mean journals. Crisp, white pages. Giving them that first flip with my thumb. Opening to the first page where I will declare my new literary adventure. Wondering if this will truly be the next best-selling memoir. Or just a way to make life awkward for the relatives I leave behind ("Woah! Grandma was into what now!?"). It all begins to smooth. So elegant. So well-intentioned. And with a squeaky clean ball point pen. Life is sweet.

And then the disintegration begins. The pen runs out of ink, and I have to switch colors in the middle of a page, it looks unorganized now! Okay, well, maybe I can deal with that. I'll just make it a style thing and write with all different colors. From reds to greens, and an orange pen and then - NO! ...I've bent the corner by accident. Well, I'll just put it down and come back to it. It's not that big of a deal. But it is a big deal. The journal is officially smeared. Marred and dishonored it huddles in the closet collecting random wowitsbeenalongtimes and imstillalives.

Meanwhile, the cycle has already begun anew, as I eye up that $4 bonus buy at Half Priced Books.

Yes, everyone. I am a journal junkie. And I see the opportunity to become a blog junkie. There is always that temptation to install a new template. To boldly explore new fonts. But I refuse to bend to the Internet's enticing array of html. To that end I have this to say to you all...

Gone for a long time? What the heck do you mean? You've hit a funky time warp. I'm sorry, you're finally starting to "lose it", aren't you? Your Internet must be broken. This has all been a dreeeeam! OOOoooooOOOOoooh! Where have I been? Where have YOU been!?

Good to be back. :)

P.S. If you just can't stand not knowing whether or not bee keepers kidnapped me, I will, 1. tell you that no, they didn't, and 2. leave you to ponder the circumstances under which the following invention was thought into existance.


Leeanna said...

Great to have you back girlfriend. Missed you. Sooooo a funky time warp huh? Ummm, did you bring back any souvenirs or presents from your warped trip?

Mrs BC said...

Welcome back, I've been wondering about you! Did you catch anything when you went fishing?

Inkfish said...

May I join you for journal addicts anonymous? I LOVE buying new journals with an entirely irrational fascination, but I almost never use them in any capacity other than dust-gathering.

The Blue Faerie said...

@Leeanna - It's late and I'm about to conk out, but I'll be over your way mañana. :) And aside from the realization that house hunting is hard, nope.

@Mrs. BC - I didn't go fishing, just took enough time to gawk at the bait vending machine. :)

@Inkfish - Ooh! We should start a club! I'll go out and get the official club journal and club pens! ...wait. :P

Foxy said...

Good to have you back!!!! :)

Tea Witch said...

Oh I've missed you my fellow journal junkie :)

I was frantic yesterday as I had a wonderful idea for a new story yesterday and, lo and behold, I did not have a journal to use for it. I mean...I have journals but they are going to be used for something else...eventually. *sigh* I'm such an addict.