Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ami Wasting Away the Days

After giving my apartment a much needed cleaning and reorganizing a few weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I have too much stuff. Too much stationary. Too much crafty things I swore I'd use but never did. ...Too many journals.

In a new found spirit of impending Buddhist monk, I've started trying to actually use the stuff I said I would, so that it will all morph into useful, or at least more interesting, things. This last week the transformation of stuff to things has gone very well. My niece's fourth birthday is coming up and she is in that stage of life where FAERIES! FAERIES ARE THE MOST AWESOME CREATURES EVER! I WANT TO BE A FAERIE! TINKERBELL! I AM A FAERIE! TINKERBELL! BOW DOWN TO MY AWESOME AMOUNTS OF CUTENESS WHILST I WEAR MY PURPLE FAERIE WINGS! THREE YEAR OLD POWERS, ACTIVATE! So I decided to crochet her up some new dolls for the occasion. It's possible that she will be the youngest person in history to have an excitement-based heart attack.

While the ideas are mine, the base pattern was not. The mermaid pattern was courtesy of Owlishly, whose adorable creations can be found here. The rest were eyeballing things, digging around my craft boxes and screwing up (the cactus pixie was supposed to be a wood faerie, but due to some bad planning on the placement of her butt and hair piece, I decided to change things up a bit).


Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Too cute!! I'm jealous of your whipping-out-cute-crafts skill. ;)

Deborah Castellano said...

ZOMG, too cute for words! Let us know how your niece reacts!

Daffy said...

We have Fairie Excitement Overload at the pond currently as well. If the entire house could be covered in Fairie dust *aka glitter* LilDuck would be in heaven!

Lilith Noor said...

OMG so cute! I love the cactus fairy!