Saturday, January 15, 2011

My First Set of Writer's Blocks

Yes, dear minions. Dancers and crafters. Witches and kitchen adventurers. My lack of posting has been to a complete attack of writer's block mixed with two solid weeks of same-old-same-old. I tried the blog prompt thing. I tried checking out other pages for ideas. I tried looking through old photos and videos... and found this.

The Explanation Before you Watch
I had just spent the wee hours of the night with my two best friends in the world at the theater and Perkins. Having exhausted ourselves on the Wolverine movie, late night shakes, and several rounds of Munchkin, we decided to reconvene at my friend Katey's house. I hitched a ride with her, but before doing so made sure to grab my camera out of Jim's car. I was, how you say, convinced "he'd mess with my camera and take a video of himself driving." Highly unsafe, and there was no way I was letting him mess with my camera. This, of course, led to Katey and I putting the camera on her dashboard to record our own driving adventures.

For the record, we were both completely, out of our minds, stone cold sober. 

In the meantime, should anyone have some good, bad, and/or random questions to ask... I'd really appreciate it! :) ...:P... I don't know how to make a little pleading face.

...{:) Nope. Unibrow.


Leeanna said...

Are you sure no drugs were involved? I could loan you some. That would give you a good excuse for acting and sounding like Hoops and YoYo. ahahahhaaa. You aren't the only one having a block.I have resorted to just aimless mindless crap on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I think you should take your chat of blinky blinky blinky and run with it. I truly think with a bit of refining you could have quite the hit on your hands.