Thursday, January 6, 2011

Consumed by Resolutions

Only six days into the new year and I feel as though I'm just barely managing to pull myself up out of resolution fever. I really only made one resolution this year that I can't tell you. Maybe it's me being stubborn, but mostly it's my deep seeded belief that new year's resolutions are also bound by birthday wishing rules: If you tell it, it's not going to come true. Hm, kind of makes me wish new year's always came with candles. Suffice it to say, the goal for 2011 revolves around personal health - which is as unique a subject for a new year's resolution as methods of deep frying things are to a Minnesota State Fair food vendor.

This, mixed with my small goals of reading and sleeping more, has meant that I can sufficiently blame my lack of posting on a stubborn attempt to make the year perfect - a business model that is definitely not sustainable over the long haul. It doesn't mean I can't try, though. 

In the midst of this overhaul of the day-to-day is an overwhelming drive to crochet my own patterns. I was so happy with how Dag turned out, that I tried making him again. ...Turns out I didn't take very good notes. I managed to struggle through Dag #2, and am now working on a second pattern for another monster. Perhaps at some point these will be up on an Etsy site. For now though, I'm still trying to stay afloat in my own promises

Anyone else in the "improving your health" boat? Oh my gosh, have you ever had a point in your life where you've wanted a pizza dipped in chocolate so badly!? ...No counting pregnancy! :P


Tea Witch said...

Yup...I'm there with ya. I, in fact, dedicated a whole other blog to it. Yay me....but honestly right now it sucks. I'm flowing that whole "I hate being a girl" wave right now and pizza dipped in chocolate sounds like absolute heaven. We'll see if I can improve upon this next week.

Mrs BC said...

Yes, I like health. And I like chocolate dipped anything/pizzas! Sigh, there is the paradox. Best of luck to you for your resolution success. Like Birthday wishes, increase thier power with candles?

Mrs BC

Kristen said...

I guess one of mine is focused on healthy stuff: gardening. If I can grow healthy food, I'll eat it and not lament about the money it costs to buy it all.

Just gotta hope I don't have death's touch. D:

Anonymous said...

For medical reasons I am in the improving your health boat. I can tell you that a couple of books have changed my outlook on that subject. They are by Geneen Roth.
"If You are Going to Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull up a Chair"
"Women Food an God"

I apologize if I've mentioned these books to you already, everyone seems to be blogging about their weight and I'm pimping these books like crack under a bridge.

SpiritWings said...

I too am focusing more on health issues. For me it is not so much about the weight part, but more about eating what is better. (thou that whole pizza with chocolate thing sounds amazing!!! ) Mental "health" is also something I plan to work on too. (time to cut loose some of that old baggage)

Here's to a successful year for all of us! =]

Lisa In Oregon said...

Yep, health is the big focus for me right now as well. So much of my other goals hinge on it, that it has to be at the top of the list. I won't make my dance goals if I don't improve the health issues. Health resolve also seems to be the first thing that goes under stress - when it really should be the opposite, eh? Weight is an issue....but rather than trying to make that the focus (been so unsuccessful with that in the past) I'm working on quality of food, supplementation, sleep...and not so fixated on the scale. For today, at least.