Friday, November 5, 2010

The Perfect Shot

There are very few things in this world from which I demand perfection. The first was, and has always been, markers and crayons. When I was a kid, my parents got me a set of 60 professional art markers and blank computer paper. I remember being so excited that I had this rainbow of inky goodness that I spent a good half hour sitting around wondering what to draw first. In the end, I decided to save them for special occasions - namely, letters to Grandma and notebook designs. I also decided that the best way to use this veritable artistic toolbox would be to bring it to school, show them off, and proceed to horde it. And horde it, I did. I never trusted the other kids with my markers. I would watch them furiously scribble out designs with their fat hands clamped over their fat Crayolas. The beautiful tips that once graced the markers would soon be scraped away down to flattened nubs of things. The horror continued after the markers were jambed back into the box - IN THE WRONG ORDER. I would sit there thinking, "That's not where the red goes! ROY G BIV man! ROY G BIV!!" I would watch the marker boxes get shoved into desks, the poor cardboard shredded and wounded. Inevitably, the kids would ask to borrow my markers, and I would clutch them to my chest and answer with such a defiant "no" that the grubby fat hands would retreat back to their desks to console themselves in peeling dried glue off each other.

I feel that I'm getting much the same with my camera. I operate with a little Cannon Powershot - not that high up on the camera pyramid, but usable and portable nonetheless. It's not that I horde the Cannon like I did the markers. I'm perfectly fine with friends, family and coworkers using it on occasion. My beef comes with the actual photos. The usual reason why I've lent out my camera is so that I can finally have a photo of myself for a change - those times when I want photographic evidence of my experiences. And, were it not for some brief lendings on my honeymoon, it would be impossible for me to prove that I ever went to Alaska. But even though I now have pictures of me in head-to-toe sea kayaking gear, I'm missing the top portion of my head. In other photos I'm blurry. The one picture I have of my husband and I on a train has "Caution: Watch Head" printed on the metal right next to us (Okay, that one was a little funny; but you get my point.). 

I believe it is up to us, the general public, to educate ourselves on basic and slightly advanced photography techniques - just as it is parents' and teachers' duty to teach their kids proper marker care. It really would make the world a better place, as we would all be more willing to share our art supplies.

*If you really would like to see some brilliant photography, I suggest stopping by Focus My World. Michele's photos are filled with vibrant colors, some very creative angles, and perfect examples of how light in the right spot can really bring out a subject.


The Blue Faerie said...

If you're wondering, the spider is just a spider that got his picture taken when I stumbled upon him and exclaimed, "Ooh! Cool!"

The cat's name is Link, and belongs to my newlywed friends. Here he has finally gotten a hold of a friend's boots that he (for reasons unknown) loves to stick his head into. I tried taking a few photos and he kept giving me that look that says, "I will come after you if you try to separate me from my boot."

Tea Witch said...

I feel the exact same way about art supplies. Markers, crayons and colored pencils have a very definitive order in which they are to be put away in. Paint too...depending on what you store it in. *sigh* It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who's insanely OCD about things like that :)

Leeanna said...

Both pictures are really nice. I can't take pictures worth a damn. I'm one that chops off the heads or blurs the photo by moving the camera when I snap the pic. I need to work on my skills.

When it comes to my art supplies, David has to by his own goodies. I don't share, I also run with scissors and I don't play well with others

Faerie Sage said...

Well blue faerie I must agree with you, it seems there are a multitude of wonderful pics of everyone else but when it comes to me, blury, taken from below so it looks like I have three chins, no head or Im all off center. How hard exacty do others find it to center a person in a photo and not cut of thier head?

Melz said...

I feel so much better knowing I wasn't the only kid who had their markers and crayons in rainbow order and wouldn't share them well. They were always to be used for those special moments...Though usually someone (my mum) would convince me that it was wasteful to let them sit there too long!

Mrs BC said...

Too funny Blue Faerie! I would never have taken you for a Marker Nazi, although I must admit I too have the OCD streak with various things. Mostly magazines. I cannot BEAR it if anyone flicks or folds the pages, tears the edges, rolls up or otherwise mistreats my magazines. I've been saving them for years, quite the fire hazzard. I once walked in on my sister to rip a magazine out of her hand while she was...what cheek!!

Mrs BC

KeishaMama said...

I was totally the same way with markers and must admit I have issues with photography too. I get insanely annoyed when my camera refuses to stay in focus or demands the flash when it's broad daylight. I paid far too much for the stupid thing to not do what I command of it. :p

I too have far too few photos of my existence. My husband took one photo of me on our anniversary of 11 years of marriage and my eldest son took a photo in which I'm a bit fuzzy but it's decent. Otherwise I have a pic I took of myself, which I loathe to do. I mean, what am I? 13? lol

I'll certainly be checking the link too, thanks! I love to constantly learn new stuff about photography. Oh and it doesn't end with markers/crayons and photos, I'm also nutso about dvds. My husband, who loves to use the words DVD ANAL, says I spend far too much time making sure the movies are in alphabetical order. This from the man that craps his pants when the kids leave a dvd out of it's case. lol

Anonymous said...

I am so slow on catching up, but I had to let you know that like some of the others you sure aren't alone. I was very careful with my crayons and markers and pencil crayons and did not want them spoiled. I, too, have my camera for the pictures that catch my eye, not other but just me. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Samantha Marshall said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!

Plumrose Lane said...

I have to agree with you, I grew so tired of never seeing any decent photos of myself that I finally taught my husband (took nearly a year) how to take a photo, you know... click the button as though you're shooting a gun, don't move when you're pulling the trigger - it worked! ;D