Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These Hallowed Halls

Fall means the beautiful colors, the brisk weather, and the return of kid logic. Ah, how I love this time of year. ... Mostly for that third one.

Today from an eighth grader after hearing a story about a man's ear getting chopped of in an accident:
Miss Lauren. Psst. Miss Lauren. 
What, Amy?
Can your ears grow back?
...No, Amy. No they can't.
Woah! Then that guy lost his ear forever? That's bad!

Yesterday from a sixth grader who chose to play outside for recess:
Are you looking for something, Eric? You look confused.
Yeah! I'm looking for the ping-pong table! You said we could play!
Eric, where do we keep the table?
In the cafeteria.
Then why did you think we'd move it outside?
...You mean it's inside!?
<nodding and trying not to giggle>
Why the heck am I out here then!?

And the best, last week from one of our autistic students who often doesn't think before he says things:
Now we're going to do acroyoga! Woo hoo! Like we did last year!
Wait a minute, Jason, how do you know what acroyoga is? You didn't even want to do it last year.
I know what it is!
Okay then, what is acroyoga?
It's where kids climb on top of each other and do things to each other! Yay!*
*Acroyoga is actually bone-stacking. We had yogis come in and teach the kids how to balance on top of each other in different acrobatic positions. It requires a good amount of trust and concentration, and in no way, shape or form, "doing things to each other".


Faerie Sage said...

Ah children, fount of wisdome and of giggles, all in one!

The Blue Faerie said...

Oh, and one more from my 3 year-old niece this weekend.

While playing a bingo game where the caller has to name the animal on a card:
Mamá in law: Okay, what's this one?
Niece: ...um...
Mamá in law: Come on, you can get this. Pea...
Niece: Peacock!
Mamá in law: Good job! Now try this one.
Niece: ...
Mamá in law: Tou...
Niece: Toucock!

J.Moehring said...

hahaha! I love kid logic. It makes the world a better place! And Toucock is way too funny! I wonder what such an animal would look like :)

Melz said...

I love Child-logic.

My 3 year old is excited to learn to spell and upon reading over my shoulder she looks at the screen and read "Look Momma it says your name...G-O-D...See?"

I couldn't help but laugh and told her how to spell my name. She just stared at me like I was nuts.

Tea Witch said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for your comment on my blog...if I figure out what involves both a yoga mat and the horse saddle, I will let you know :)