Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thank You Post

It's time. Well, it was actually time back at Mabon - but none-the-less! I feel that these few crazy days before the end of the year are just perfect to dish out some long overdue thank you's...
Thank you to the Witchy Godmother, Faerie Sage and Jennifer for the triple Triple Blog Award (I suppose that makes it the Three Cubed Blog Award... or the Twenty-seven Blog Award?). It feels good to get an award from three ladies whose writings and music I so enjoy. Actually, Witch Godmother, I have to confess that I first followed your site because I loved your hat in your profile photo. I thought, "A woman with a hat like that has got to be fun." And Faerie Sage, I really enjoy seeing your photos of your cooking adventures. Jennifer, I've been listening to your play list as a radio for the last hour. :) I don't normally pass awards along (fifteen is a lot!) but if I did I would hand you all a Three Cubed Blog Award as well. 

Thank you to Plumrose and everyone else who entered the contest for my amigurumi toad. Can you believe it? I actually got a request to make another one from the post office worker who helped me mail the little guy yesterday (Apologies on the lateness PR. He said it should get to you by Saturday at the latest.)! He's even going to pay me for it! Maybe this is a future small business for me? :)

A big thank you to Leeanna for always keeping our spirits up with the absolutely insane videos she finds for us, and for waking up the latent Texan in me. And to Mrs. BC - I love your stories! I especially love hearing about life in, what one of my students calls, "opposite land". ("Jacob, it's not quite opposite. It's just in the southern -" "No! It's opposite land! The toilet water flushes the other way! That makes it opposite!" "...But couldn't we be the opposite ones?" "No, because our toilets flush the right way. Duh!" I tried BC. It was a losing battle.)

And a special thank you to the other bellydancing witches out there - RetroKali and Soraya. RetroKali, I love the video reviews you do. They're some of the only ones I've found that have women (and men) with different body types outside of tall and skinny. And Soraya, I love reading about your Florida adventures in bellydance, college and fire poi. It makes me want to move back! :)

And it might sound like an Oscar speech, but a big thank you to all of the followers out there. Not just the once on DWASW, but even the ones that follow other sites. You really are the ones that keep blogs going, and you're the ones that have kept this blog going. Isn't it cool to have powers? :)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you like my hat. I actually had it made for me. Tomorrow I will be wearing it at my school as I storytell throughout the grades - Hugs and sparkles and yup you really deserve the awards you are a special lady - WG

RetroKali said...

Thanks! :)

Mrs BC said...

Wow! I can't tell you how chuffed I am that you like my blog :) Thank YOU for your Mabon thanks, & also for your own lovely writing.

BTW, tell Jacob is right about the water! There are lots of strange & wonderful things down in the southern hemisphere...

Mrs BC

Leeanna said...

Thank You darlin. I feel ... touched (in the head) that you love me and my crazy rants enough to mention me. Wow now I know you're a glutton for punishment. ;P