Monday, February 25, 2013

Appeasing the Rents

Forget the God & Goddess. I'm way overdue for appeasing the parent gods with photos of cute things. Over the last few months my husband & I found a house! (Yay! Kermit waving arms in the air dance!) This, of course, means that requests for photos have increased three-fold, as have calls and emails demanding we make room for furniture and art that everyone seems to have too much of and "thought we could use". It's a hard position, because while, yes, I am very grateful to be getting offers of kitchen tables, buffets, chairs, couches, desks, and random wall art, I have to manage to suppress the urge to feign drowning in stuff that has yet to be put somewhere. (I haven't even hit kid stage yet. Who knows what you end up swimming in when that comes along. ...Toys? I wish.)

That being said, it is time to send the parent deities a long awaited photo of the newest member of the family - Theophilius Maybe Sheldon. "Theo" for short. Theo is about 10 weeks old now and in the past two weeks has already figured out how to: use a litter box, squeeze his body through a 2.5 inch hole and escape from his cage, climb the futon and run on carpet. This last one was great because when I brought him home I set him down on the vinyl tile only to watch all four of his feet splay out. It was like watching rabbit on ice. Once I was sure he wouldn't explode in a mass of pee and pellets,  I brought him down to the basement where the studio is carpeted. Bunny on ice became instant gymnast - thought, with his leaps and twists looking a bit more spastic than your average Olympian. 

And I'd write more, but I can hear bangs from the other room; meaning that Theo is being what by friend calls "sassy bun" and is trying to figure out how to chew his way through the closet to get to his hay supply. Thinking about baby in the future and am really happy that babies aren't born with teeth.

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